Love this skirt so darn much! I used to wear it as a set with the maroon top (before I could no longer wear em!). So I ve only gotten to wear em once... :| they re practically like new.
1 of the rarer finds for me - an off shoulder with midriff cutout. Never got to wear it though \


The medium top fits as imagined The XL dress - you need to use a slim belt with it otherwise, it s like wearing a table cloth. It came with a string... should be obvious why I furiously trashed that belt lol.
This dress. The size on the label is irrelevant. It fits according to your body. Not exactly a body con but it definitely adheres to your shape, especially when you start moving. Never worn.
I wear this as a woman. It s very oversized, as it s an XL men s button up but it looks really cool on a woman with the classic black leggings combination.

5 Polos!

They re for men but once upon a time, I wore them too (I m a girl). They re wrinkly because I abandoned them when I stopped the polo phase of my life (so.... 10 years ago?). They re not as wrinkly as they should be lol. I d prefer if someone can just buy all 8 polos from me (other 3 in another post) - willing to negotiate.


Adheres to your shape, so the size is irrelevant. I ve never worn it.


Another 1 of my favorites. Thanks to college, I ve gained weight and never got to fit into it again.


Insanely gorgeous blue dress but no way to take a good pic. I don t fit and I don t own a mannequin. It has a strappy back and its form-fitting so when I hang it up, it no longer looks like it should. Promise you, it s gorgeous and sharp but you def have to be on the slimmer end to wear this.
1 of my favorites! Bought this way back in 2014 when I first left for college and lived in a dorm. Needless to say, I never got to wear it - it looks too tidy to have lasted almost 5 years now. 1 of many expensive clothing I own that I never got to wear, attributed to my fault of indecisive planning.
Trying very hard to get rid of these you can tell what has been worn before and haven t (the first 3 - never worn). The zip up, lightly worn. The last one - it s wrinkly from being left in my closet. The sizes vary. The first 3 are mediums but I d claim they re XS (so tight...) The zip up, it fits in between a medium/large. The last one fits like a medium.


It s actually heavy, for a dress, and it fits very large (I mean it is XL) - but I find that to be the way to wear it. Similar to wearing a boyfriends clothes - a bigger fit but looks so darn good.


It s so warm, I have nothing to say. If you ve worn Uniqlo Xtra Warm Leggings before, this is the equivalent. I wouldn t really say this fits as a large. If you wash it first (I mean I bet you would lol), you ll realize it kind of fits based on your size. But don t take my word on it, as these leggings have been with me for 15 years and I ve only really worn them the past week.
They look similar to Adidas runners - black with white stripes on he side.

3 Polos

Buy them off me! I don t know what else to do with them.
Another favorite of mine. It s a large but you can tell it s not a large. A few of the buttons are just accessory - so it can t fully unbutton when you re out. Never got to wear it so unused!